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Backstamps, also called basestamps, are the name, signature or other identifying mark usually found on the bottom of a piece. Royal Doulton figurines can often be dated by adding 27 to the very small number found just right of the Doulton backstamp.

Royal Doulton is identified by a variety of documented backstamps, most of which include some combination of interlocking D's and the words "Doulton" or "Royal Doulton." Very early pieces of Royal Doulton may have backmarks reading "Pinder Bourne & Co" or the initials P. For the collector, Royal Doulton backstamps are interesting to research because it is very unusual to find an unmarked piece.

The points above are not to put you off but just to make you aware, I have bought a number of prototypes over the last few years as I think they look great next to the final item and can really make a collection stand out.You could expect to see him selling wares in one of London’s street markets. Produced in 1947-1960, this character jug was acquired in 1972. Athos D6439 7.25” Athos is one of the three musketeers in the novels The Three Musketeers, Twenty Years After, and The Vicomte de Bragelonne by Alexandre Dumas.The other two musketeers are Aramis [D6441] and Porthos [D6828] . The fictional Athos is named after the historical musketeer Armand de Sillegue d’Athos.The Royal Doulton firm made it a practice to mold the name of the character into the back of each jug too.Identifying Toby Jugs In 1933, Charles Noke designed a series of toby jugs based on famous figures from history or literature.

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