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Criss, who has moved on and married another woman, had his lawyer fire off a letter to Sandra's lawyers, saying his relationship with Sandra was anything BUT hubby and wife.In fact, he says in the years he and Sandra were on and off, he publicly dated another woman.Criss was in a relationship -- it appears for around 4 years -- with Sandra Gonzalez, with whom he got engaged to in 2011.Sandra is now threatening Criss with a palimony lawsuit, alleging they had an agreement that he would support her, just the way a financially successful spouse would support the other.Apparently, just a few minutes into the opening — as Angel was dangling upside down in the air inside a straitjacket and trying to escape — the illusionist completely about a trio of talented singers, later this season.Related: Paris Claps Back At Wendy Williams Paris will play a social media guru who supervises Eva (Sharlene Taulé) and Star (Jude Demorest) during a photo shoot and deliberately makes things difficult for them. It'll be interesting to see Paris show off some of her dark side.

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