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If there are duplicate rows, there can be problems resolving which of two possible selections is the correct one.

- and provides original industry, company, market analysis, and country reports and data based on published research and primary and secondary data sources.

IPUMS used a data warehousing approach, which extracts, transforms, and loads data from heterogeneous sources into a single view schema so data from different sources become compatible.

By making thousands of population databases interoperable, IPUMS demonstrated the feasibility of large-scale data integration.

This process becomes significant in a variety of situations, which include both commercial (such as when two similar companies need to merge their databases) and scientific (combining research results from different bioinformatics repositories, for example) domains.

Data integration appears with increasing frequency as the volume and the need to share existing data explodes.

We offer the ability to segment the data of companies using Salesforce by revenue or employee size.The virtual database interfaces with the source databases via wrapper code if required.Issues with combining heterogeneous data sources, often referred to as information silos, under a single query interface have existed for some time.In the case of a relational database, a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) performs these tasks.DBMS as used in this book is a general term that includes RDBMS.

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Furthermore the data set can be customized by industry, country, job function and the seniority of the decision makers.

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